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Allied Fluid Products offers Tubing in many different materials of construction from PVC, PTFE, to copper, carbon steel, & stainless steel instrumentation grade.

Distributing for the following


(HP PFA) DCHP Dual Containment Altafluor 450, (PTFE) Altafluor 100, (FEP) Altafluor 200, (FEP ENVIRO) Altafluor 2E0, (PFA) Altafluor 400, (HP PFA) Altafluor 450, (UHP PFA) Altafluor 480, (THV FLEX) Altafluor 350, (PVDF) Altafluor 500, (PVDF FLEX) Altafluor 550

Saint-Gobain / Acutech

Teflon Tubing in various chemistries ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, Pipe & Rod


Carbon Steel, Copper, & Stainless Steel Instrumentation Grade Tubing

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