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Announcing the latest innovation in energy efficient pumping technology!

Husky e-Series

After years of development, Graco, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the new Husky 1050e. The Husky 1050e is an electric operated double diaphragm pump that lowers energy costs, stalls under pressure, and virtually eliminates pulsation!

The new Husky e-Series pumps combine the durability and reliability of the Husky diaphragm pump fluid components with the revolutionary new electric drive designed by Graco engineers to perform in the harshest operating conditions.
If an end user is looking for solutions to reduce their energy consumption during plant operations the Husky 1050e is the product for you. Users can expect to see up to a 5x reduction in energy consumption when compared to a traditional air operated diaphragm pump, without compromising performance.

Have customers that are using pumping technology other than air operated diaphragm pumps? The Husky 1050e might be a perfect solution for their problem as well! The unique drive features combined with the diaphragm pump technology makes it the perfect solution for:

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  • Progressive cavity pump users experiencing frequent and expensive rotor repairs due to fluid material or run dry conditions.

  • Peristaltic pump users requiring big and expensive pumps for large flow rates or looking for a solution for frequent hose replacements.

  • Rotary lobe pump users with leaking shaft seals or user with additional circulation loops due to the pumps inability to stall under pressure.

Learn more about the Husky 1050e, the future of pumping technology, from these overview videos located here, any of the links below, or by contacting your Graco Process Account Manager.


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